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Should protocols extended via metadata be counted as a usage of a protocol? It currently does not but seems like it should. In the below, IFoo is marked as an unused global declaration.

(defprotocol IFoo
  :extend-via-metadata true
  (-do-foo []))

(defn new-foo
  (with-meta {}
             {`-do-foo (fn [])}))


Probably yes, although all the protocol inheritance/usage stuff is half-baked in Cursive ATM. Could you file an issue for that and I'll fix that when I fix the rest?


I'm making an app that has a deps.edn server and shadow-cljs frontend using cursive. cursive seems content on the deps.edn. I'm trying to follow the recommendations for shadow to generate a pom. But i'm not sure how to make cursive aware of the two different project roots. It says to import the project as a pom but i already have it open as a deps.edn project. Is it possible for these two different project styles to live side by side in cursive?


it seems can right click and import as a maven project. sorry for the noise 🙂


Yes, you can either do this or File | New | Module from existing sources. What you're doing is adding a new module to the existing project, so either will work.