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@hindol.adhya I managed to dig up my changes to ghostwheel.core. this adds the << operator for generators, so you could do this:

(>defn path?
  [any? => boolean?
   << (gen/fmap #(path %) (gen/string))]
  (instance? Path p))


Super. Thanks a lot for digging this up. Will check it out.


hmu if you have any questions


I called the concept gen-args , so if you're curious what's going on underneath, just search the code for it 🙂


is this something you'd like a pull request for no idea if it's something you want in ghostwheel


This looks good at first sight, but I wanna give it some more thought and also regarding the syntax. If you already have the code working and it's just a matter of hitting the Create PR button – please do, we can discuss it further on GitHub, so I don't have to keep track of it elsewhere.


Brilliant, thanks. 🙂 I have a ton of Ghostwheel-related things to sift through, but will have a look as soon as I can.