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@mauricio.szabo Is there enough of the Atom API exposed in the new cljs extension stuff to be able to rewrite all of this?


I can see how to do the basic command dispatch I think, but I can't see how to do the "maintaining cursor position" stuff...


I don't think so... the config API does not expose the full Atom API (it's not even on the same "context" of Atom, and also on SCI I need to whitelist all methods that anyone will intend to use)


The new cljs stuff can run any Atom command tho', yes? So I think only the get/set ranges part is "missing" and those could be added to the editor namespace perhaps?


No, the new cljs can only run Chlorine commands. The interpreter doesn't even know that it's running over Atom or VSCode or any editor...


The thing is that currently Chlorine "knows" how to do some operations on Atom, like displaying notifications, getting editor info, etc. But these are generic enough to be easily portable to VSCode, for example


OK, that makes sense. Thanks.

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