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Next Helsinki Online Clojure meetup coming up on 4.6. at 17:00 UTC+3 🎉 What kind of online event would you like to see: talks, panel discussion, a watch party, or something else? How would you like to contribute? Please answer here:

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Vincent Cantin08:05:39

In the form, the user can only choose one of the options. I think it should allow the selection of multiple options together.


hmm, true, though I guess now it makes you think hard on what to choose for the no. 1 option 🙂


Good point @U8MJBRSR5 - I think we will in any case organise more events in the near future to bring people together, and will fix the form for future iterations.


@U8MJBRSR5 you can also post the form multiple times 🙂

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