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Good Morning!


@glfinn83 not presently. I was born there 😉

Jakob Durstberger06:05:57

Good morning and happy Friday!

😁 1
Ben Hammond07:05:13

sortation is a new word on me (And Vivaldi cature area to clipboard will capture the entire page to clipboard)


@glfinn83 @dharrigan - Puppet are possibly the only ones in Belfast using it.


Nice! Puppet are awesome


they are the only one i can think of


I’m trying to remember is shuffle greedy?

Ben Hammond10:05:37

I think it will realise the input sequence before it starts returning results


Hmm, are there any good sampling fns? Or is this time to dig into libs?

Ben Hammond10:05:57

yeah it creates arrays all over the place

Ben Hammond10:05:10

well, what is it you have to do?

Ben Hammond10:05:21

and what might be unmanageably large?

Ben Hammond10:05:47

just pick a randome number, drop that many and take the next value?

Ben Hammond10:05:35

create a smallish in-memory vector, and then shuffle that? maybe


Hmm, that might not be a bad idea, the take drop approach I mean =)…

Ben Hammond10:05:26

its a rabbit hole you can spend your whole life in if you're not careful


I’ve got a simulation running, I’m really trying to work out how to balance working with/manipulate it while keeping it fast. One problem is pulling/sampling out a bunch of candidates that fit various properties =)…


But yes, that sounds about right ;)…


Hopefully this particular fall is small 😃

Ben Hammond10:05:57

if you use IReduceInit (or loop/recur), you are less likely to fall foul of unwanted head-retention

Ben Hammond10:05:25

or plain old java.util.Iterate


I just found out that the space x simulator has been written using clojure!


Oh yea, that was cool 😃


yeah, that’s great publicity

Ben Hammond10:05:52

how long does it take to reach the ISS from the launchpad?


it puts you in space already


you have to dock

Ben Hammond10:05:26

dont they have 'Docking Computers'

Ben Hammond10:05:30

even Elite had those

Ben Hammond10:05:14

~ 6hours or so

Ben Hammond10:05:37

dunno maybe they are faster now


in the simulator settings there is an option to set Earth as flat 😂


Hmm, maybe I can use random-sample’s approach, except sample at 2 or 3x the prob I want to retrieve and then take, should only really require me to walk the collection once in the average case as well? IE, filter with rand prob, and if I work with indexes, I can defer retrieval as much as possible 😃