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@potetm I forgot to mention, I managed to reproduce your problem with errors during socket REPL printing. I’m going to fix that for the next EAP and also integrate the Clojure 1.10.x improved error stuff.

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I just noticed that the documention pop-up for my ClojureScript project does not show the documentation from ClojureDocs with usage examples. Is there a way to configure it so that it uses ClojureDocs?


Yes, there’s a notification which will ask you whether you want to download the examples, but you wouldn’t be the first to miss it 🙂


You can download it manually at Preferences | Languages &amp; Frameworks | Clojure | Documentation options.


@cfleming Thanks for the tips. ClojureDocs works in my Cursive for other Clojure-projects with *.clj files. But it still does not work for my *.cljs files in my ClojureScript-projects where I use shadow-cljs. I imported the project from the pom.xml file like described here: Maybe it has something to do with that?


I also tried to download it manually in the ClojureScript project. Still no luck…


Oh, sorry, I missed the ClojureScript part of your project. The problem is that ClojureDocs has no examples for ClojureScript at all.


It’s an open question if I should show the clj equivalent when showing the doc for a cljs built-in - I guess I could show a warning that the examples are actually for Clojure not ClojureScript in that case.


That would be great! Most of the functions I need help on are basic functions which are the same in normal Clojure.


Yeah, that’s probably the case for a lot of use cases. I’m a little worried about showing examples for functions which actually differ like defrecord, but hopefully the warning would be enough in that case.


👋 might have been asked before but.. in the emacs keymap there is ctrl+\ to jump to repl editor. Whats the command to jump back to the file you were editing?


Maybe this is the way?


I can now do Ctrl+\ to jump to repl from my file. Then i have to do Esc Esc to jump back


Since Intellij 2019.3 (this is very new!) you can assign a new shortcut to the “Focus Editor” action.

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ooooh thats neat, ill check the community edition to see if its the same


well that explains it!


Thats why Esc Esc works for me haha


Thanks very much @ULAAD3H2P


This is good enough for me! Thanks 😄


When you do something like say an infinite loop in the built-in Cursive REPL, and things become unresponsive, is there a way to fix this without force quitting the whole IntelliJ app?


Yes, you can try interrupting the execution (second icon on the toolbar, it’s not always obvious it’s enabled), or you can kill and restart the REPL process using the Stop REPL button.


Ah ok I see what you mean, because it doesn't show up as red or a special color. It does seem to work now and I can't get the whole process to lock-up. I'll at least know to try to find that first next time