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Hi all. I was wondering if there is a good way to use Clojure or ClojureScript libraries on Android. I keep reading that pure Clojure applications take quite long to load and might therefore not be a good choice. I’d suppose the same is true for Clojure libraries. Is this correct? I was thus asking myself whether it is possible to use ClojureScript instead. As I want to learn about native Android development I don’t want to go down the full React Native route though (at least not for the front end). In what ways do you use Clojure code on Android? Is it only in the React Native context?


After some research, I came across LiquidCore ( which allows to run Node.js VMs in Android. This sounds quite promising to me. Has anyone ever tried that?

Braden Shepherdson14:01:19

I know people have used React Native work success. Another option is Cordova.