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Not a project/lib announcement. Not an event. Not a blog post/news article. How do folks feel about this in the #announcements channel?


(I'm fine with it since it's an "occasional" announcement by this podcast team)


I would like to see such announcements somewhere on Slack that is at least semi-prominent. I personally have no problems with just about anything in #announcements if it is at most once per month for a single "thing".

Vincent Cantin06:01:42

I would like to apology for moving the post too early


very interesting to read this channel, thank you to everyone who works to curate this community


I'll definitely keep our #announcements posts rare and worthwhile


Hi @nate! Sorry your post fell foul of our constantly evolving policies on this as we try to balance the desires of ~15,000 people 😐


I just re-posted (at @vincent.cantin's invitation) and reformatted it to be more announce-y and less blog-post-y


As noted above, it wasn't a post that clearly ought to have been somewhere else, and it was definitely an "occasional" announcement... but we're still discussing the "lib/project only" nature of #announcements at this point. Thank you for your understanding!


no problem, thanks again


To add my two cents I was surprised to learn recently (in the last month or two I believe) about the lib/project only rule. Maybe it's been in place much longer and I just didn't realize. I was quite happy to see a variety of things in that channel, including blog posts, podcasts, conference videos, etc.

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@plexus FWIW, that's always been the intention and at various times the Topic and/or Channel Description have been both vaguer and more clear, depending on whom last updated them. Having occasional non-lib/project announcements there just hasn't been enough of a "problem" that people have complained about it before -- and, to be honest, this latest round of complaints has been because (some) lib/projects were having repeated updates posted, not because other stuff was posted really.


That said, #announcements certainly is not the place for local events to be posted (like meetups) unless they have a global online aspect as well. Announcements of conferences mostly go in #events (which all new members are auto-joined to) but I'm not averse to #announcements being used for conferences that attract global audiences, with an expectation all follow-up will go to #events or a channel specific to the conference.


We don't want #announcements to become "noisy" tho'. That would defeat the purpose (that it is low-traffic enough that everyone stays subscribed and not muted and that posts there really do have near-global applicability). We just haven't felt any need to enforce that before.


(managing the expectations of many thousands of developers from different cultures all around the world is never easy!)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)19:01:01

soon I will have the state of clojure 2020 survey ready - usually I post that in announcements. is there a preferred place?


That's fine as far as I'm concerned: it's of "near-global concern".