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I am making pancakes this morning


(map flip batter)

🥞 8

(map (fn [pancake] (-> pancake
                       (ingred/sprinkle :sugar)
                       (ingred/squeeze  :lemon)


Nice, but I think you need a transducer there, since they weren't the flat type of pancakes, but rather the fluffy, puffy ones with no lemon 🙂


My family does enjoy the pancakes I make 🙂


In Scotland I believe they're referred to as Drop Scones


scotch pancakes


Yup eat them over here too but me being the old fart I am, still getting drenched in lemon and sugar 🙂


I must be the strange one, since my wife likes them drenched in maple syrup and butter. I like them plain, unadulterated, boooring 🙂

Eamonn Sullivan12:01:20

That's the American, House of Pancakes, style. I like 'em that way too, but needs some bacon along side to cut the sweetness.


agreed, more bacon


these are not exclusive possibilities... maple syrup and lemon juice is great too - perhaps even better than sugar and lemon juice


and then there are the banana + chocolate dimensions to consider


@mccraigmccraig You know my thoughts on chocolate….. :face_vomiting: 🙂


i forgot peanut butter!


I make pancakes with banana and egg. Then I don't feel as guilty about what's on top...


so i usually developer on mac, has anyone done clojure dev on windows before?


I think @seancorfield is a Windows user


It's complicated. I do some Clojure dev on a Windows laptop. I do most of my Clojure dev on macOS, but I only use Terminal for that, and run Windows 10 in a VM and do almost everything in there, that isn't hardcore dev.


When he wakes up, he may be able to help out


I think he uses WSL

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I'm curious to know if people here use a personal task-tracking application for work related stuff, e.g., trello? asana? etc?


Very. Topydo cli to manage it, and todotxt.vim. On Android I use simpletask to work with it. I sync it all together with syncthing, but dropbox works too.


I use Microsoft's ToDo app (and web site) for lists of task, and shopping, etc. But not real "task management". For FOSS I use GitHub issues (or JIRA for Contrib) and for work I use JIRA.


I like MS ToDO since it runs on iOS, Android, Windows, and macOS, and has a website version, and they all stay in sync -- and my wife and I can share lists as well as having our own.


although, I'm not sure my wife is the to-do type of person 🙂


she's a more happens-to person


We're both kind of obsessively list-based. Shopping. "Honey do's". Road trip packing lists.


Late to the party on this one, but I find it an interesting topic. Nothing has especially stuck for me. I’ve tried org-mode, it’s nice, but I’m a Vim user at heart and it needs more time investing in it than I care to. I also really like being able to manage todos on my phone and in a web browser. TaskWarrior ticks a lot of nerdy boxes for me on the command line, but for some reason I tend not to use it. I’m mainly using Trello for personal stuff mixed with a for some work stuff. Microsoft Todo is decent. But I love the interface of Trello, that I can add links, markdown notes, organise exactly how I like and the reorganise in a new way when I decide my old way sucks. Trello is so flexible. Obviously I manage a lot of work tasks via a ticketing system. With both my Trello and my core concept is that I have an Inbox/Focus area that is a list of things I must keep looking at in a day. Every new task goes in there until I either do something with it or demote it to another list/area. The idea is that at the end of the day the inbox is 0. That never happens, but that’s the ideal.


Sounds like the GTD principles around managing email (and other things).


I'm a big fan of that and people are often shocked at just how empty my inbox is, given that I receive maybe 100 emails a day.


I used to have my todos go into an inbox, but I have so few and I've gotten better at articulating tasks. I evaluated org as a vim user, and todo.txt was what I ended up with. But I particularly wanted android support.


I really wanted to rely on plain text so that I could Vim it and Git it, but I’m just too drawn by the flexibility of Trello and the fact that it’s everywhere.


Just to be clear... by inbox I don’t mean email. I just literally mean a section that is both a dumping ground and high priority list. That way when I get time my “dumping ground” stuff gets clarified and optionally demoted to another list. For other items I either need to get them done or continually review whether they should be in my focus/inbox list. Then periodically review my lower priority lists.


Trello is nice, agreed


something outside of the "official" tracking software that is used at your company


Even a command-line utility, like taskbook


I tried all sorts and ended up using a notepad and pen


Not sure why but i just found it easier and i think the physical book helped me focus more haha

Eamonn Sullivan14:01:44

I've never stuck to a to-do system, despite many tries. The only thing I've stuck with is to use org-mode during code reviews. We do them in person, so I need to write down the critiques as they arise. I put my cursor on the line being discussed, and type something like (it's unconscious, but I think it is) C-c c t. Afterwards, I have the notes with links to specific lines in my org To-Dos.

Eamonn Sullivan14:01:37

I then mark them as done as I address each critique.

Wes Hall15:01:46

I’ve tried so many things, but nothing has stuck. I’m an agent of chaos like the joker. I’ve played with org-mode but I have the same problems I have with this geeky emacsy stuff I always have. One moment I like the org mode simplicity, the next I want my watch to remind me to do things ;). I’ll probably give something like “things” another shot this year.

Wes Hall15:01:15

Basically though, I use my memory as a prioritization engine ;)

Wes Hall15:01:34

The older I get, the less that works.


At the moment I use taskbook, nice and command line


@wesley.hall orgzly and other org for mobile apps exist, they can do notifications.


Simpletask for android handles that for todotxt


it's that time of year: anyone going to fosdem? 😄


I would love to, but unsure of being able to. I will check


It's complicated. I do some Clojure dev on a Windows laptop. I do most of my Clojure dev on macOS, but I only use Terminal for that, and run Windows 10 in a VM and do almost everything in there, that isn't hardcore dev.


(and, yes, I use a mixture of WSL, Powershell, and cmd.exe now that Borkdude's native deps.clj works there)


I ended up just setting up intellij with cursive and its fine


yep, same as guy, cursive for me =)…


heres a tip i learnt which you might already know. ctrl+\ takes u to repl then esc esc takes you back to file editor.


emacs keymap if that makes a difference


nice, thanks =)…

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Just curious, do you do clojurescript dev as well? I’ve still not found a really nice way of doing clojurescript repl, I tend to use figwheel main, but it always feels super clunky…


sadly no


I just do clojure typically


fair =)…


Thanks anyway!

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