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Jon Walch03:10:31

I updated a dependency to my deps.edn file and I have auto-import on, in libraries the dependency isn’t there and if I try to load the file that references the dependency, I get a file not found exception

Jon Walch03:10:37

Manually refreshing in the clojure deps tool window worked


Anybody know how to add maven central to the list of indexed repositories?


The issue with orderEntry reordering in iml files has been fixed, right? At least, in the latest dev builds.


is there a way to deactivate clojuredocs examples from showing up ? unfortunately the actual docs of some functions are not shown … only the examples :thinking_face:


@conan I don’t think there’s a way to do that manually, but central should be added by both build tools. Are you not seeing that? Do you see clojars?


Yes I have clojars but not maven. I can just add deps manually, the autocomplete is so nice though


@p-himik Maybe, since I changed how it worked. I’ll check the code and confirm that.


@carocad Do you have a screenshot of that?


let me get one


This is what I get if I try to get the documentation for second. Unfortunately I have not been able to figure when does it work and when not 😕 …. therefore I was trying to deactivate clojuredocs and go back to the “old ways”


@carocad Is this a cljc file?


ClojureDocs won’t be causing the problem here, it doesn’t affect the actual retrieval of the docs.


> Is this a cljc file? no, this is a clj file


@cfleming There has been some code motion in Fulcro. The built-in macro resolution you added for Fulcro 2 works, but the macros are in new namespaces now. Are you willing to add the new ones as well? I can open an issue and list out the mapping


Sure, file an issue and I’ll add them in the new namespaces too.


Great, thank you.


Thank you. I appreciate all the work you put into Cursive.