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Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:10:41

I think it's pretty obvious that alcohol co-occurs with many potentially problematic activities

Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:10:23

Reducing alcohol at events is thus a great way to reduce risk. It often means more people can also have a good time. And people who would prefer to have alcohol typically have no problem finding it regardless.

Alex Miller (Clojure team)00:10:31

There are many ways to limit risk though that are in between (drink tickets, limited bar hours, instructions to bartenders)


I will discuss with SkillsMatter,our partners for ClojureX conference, about only providing non-alcoholic drinks for free at our social event. It would be great to have something other than canned sugar suspended in water as an alternative to alcohol. There will still be a bar at the venue where people can buy drinks if they wish. I will also see if we can arrange a games room and other spaces where people can talk in more peaceful surroundings.


FWIW, I had a great time at ClojureX last year, left the venue at around 2100 the first day (I think), which I would’ve done regardless of alcohol policy, since I was totally exhausted.


@jr0cket sounds awesome. FWIW I have swapped alcoholic beer for non-alcoholic beer for a few years now and I'm not looking back. It took me a few days to recover from just a bit of alcohol, it just wasn't worth it anymore to me 🙂


(I know, I'm getting old and boring ;P)


I don't think people will like it if you tell them what to do and forbid certain things, but creating space(s) where everyone can belong is good for the conference in the long end too


As we are sharing, I personally I have not consumed much alcohol in the last decade or more. Around 2005 I did an experiment to see if I could limit myself to 100 units per year. I think I drank about 58 for the year. Next year it was about 40. Now only have a drink when out socialising with very close friends who want to drink, usually birthdays, etc.


@borkdude Agreed, I wouldn't want to forbid anything that was legal or decent. I would rather give people a better drink option than alcohol and place alcohol as an active (and paid for) choice by the individuals who wish to consume it.


I did leave one conference social event (about 7 years ago) which was in a night club and most people were very merry (or just simply drunk). I stayed for about 20 minutes to say hello and then called a taxi. I really disliked that experience.