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seems like vars I define in repl input don't show up in the autocompletion list. But they do if I send the forms that typed in a file :thinking_face:


I think they should, but the process of updating the autocomplete list on the client is asynchronous, so it might depend how fast you type.


But if you’re seeing them not show up ever, then that would be a bug of some kind.


Would they not show up if the repl ns is set to be the file? Or is that just doing a refer all so it's accessible from the repl user ns?


they don't show up ever. Which is not a huge deal, except there's always some fuzzy matches for AnyOleFactoryFooBar so need to manually cancel the auto-complete


this was using a socket repl, I'll see if it's the same w/ nREPL.


Oh, yeah, that won’t work with socket repl right now, but I actually have that mostly done for release in a branch. It got shunted temporarily by all the deps malarkey unfortunately, but should be soon (for some actually soon value of soon)