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👋 I wonder whether the admins of this slack would consider giving this bot a try? I see people using “guys” frequently and it’d be nice to have a low-key way to encourage people to use more inclusive language.

eccentric J20:08:32

I feel this is a noble effort but I am curious: Has any research been published that demonstrates if making a small change like this positively improves the feeling of inclusivity within communities?


We discussed it, and so far the consensus is that a bot like this can cause more heat than light -- we understand the goal and we agree that "guys" and "dude" are not always appropriate (despite being treated as gender-neutral by a lot of non-male users) but the "correction" can derail conversations and can cause unnecessary noise from the small, vocal minority that likes to rail against such things. TL;DR: we're not convinced the benefits outweigh the disadvantages.


OK, thanks for considering it.


:thinking_face: I wonder if a version of the bot that gently DM’d people (who use “guys” etc) every once in awhile might be more likely to prove valuable.

eccentric J18:08:17

What if there was a custom emoji that individuals could flag when "guys" is used like that? I feel like knowing that individual people are feeling excluded is a better stimuli for a behavior change versus a bot systematically responding to the word. That may help with contextual concerns where "guys" may be appropriate. It also gives the person using that word in the targeted context the choice on how to best deal with it. They can choose to shift their word choice in the future, edit the message, or ignore it. Anyway, just an idea.