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@mikerod Perhaps I didn't phrase my question clearly. Basically if I have a custom template called foo that is in Clojars, I can run lein new foo my-foo-project and lein will go to Clojars and find the template and download it if it is not already installed on the local machine. How can I get Leiningen to do that for a template that is in a private JAR repository like or something like that. Putting the repository listing in the template doesn't help because the lein new ... command does not have that context. the lein command itself needs to be told somehow (the repositories in the ~/.lein/profiles.clj was the only way I could think of) to look in the private JAR repository to find the template.


Or the template needs to be pre-installed before running the command. Maybe that is the only way but I would prefer for my dev team not to have to do that.


@mafcocinco thanks. I understand now. The only way I can see it working so far is to add the private repo to :plugin-repositories of the :user profile in ~/.lein/profiles.clj


I don’t know if :repositories works.


But yeah, I can see why it’s confusing.


Got it. I will give that a try.


no problem


Hello! could I get a recommendation on how to do a multi-module setup with leiningen?


@daplay there are some plugins around to consider I think. lein-modules is one. And also lein-parent