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The docs look absolutely amazing! Good work

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Hey, are you sure a lot of pages vs one is really good idea? Fulcro and Pathom are arguably the most documentation-dense projects in Clj ecosystem, and I have to do page search often to recall things. (mostly for code snippets etc)


hello @U0607RCLQ, over this time I've been talking and teaching pathom for a lot of people, and one thing I noticed over and over is how much that big docs scares people, making so that they don't read it at all... so this is an attempt to fix that and make it more friendly for new users to read in smaller chunks. also this helps making pages easier to edit, since you don't have to deal with that big chunk. I understand the search concern, I plan to add FTS before the final release, powered by I'm not sure if code will get indexed, but in a last can you can use github search to find the code snippets. makes sense?


Yes, on the second thought, say, Datomic documentation is built exactly this way, with good table of contents and very short intro going first.


another though, maybe Pathom and Fulcro docs look dense because they are a single page 😛