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On I see that “You can send all alert, event, and dev output to registered taps by calling initialize-redirect with a target of :tap” With com.datomic/ion {:mvn/version "0.9.34"} and (datomic.ion.cast/initialize-redirect :tap) I get: initialize-redirect expects :stdout, :stderr, or a filename What am I missing?


Now works with com.datomic/ion {:mvn/version "0.9.35"}, thanks @U1QJACBUM


A question regarding the EULA. The passage that reads as follows: > Upon termination of this EULA for any reason, you will erase or destroy all copies of the Datomic Cloud Software, or part thereof, in your possession, if any. Any use of the Datomic Cloud Software after termination is unlawful. What exactly is mean by the ‘Datomic Cloud Software’? The publicly available`com.datomic/client-cloud` library? The AWS resources running in your account? Or the code running on the marketplace image? I need to answer these questions to the ‘vendor management’ department. We really want to employ Datomic Cloud in the organization.


From the datomic documentation: > If the transactor cannot bind to its publicly reachable IP address (e.g. the transactor is on a VM that doesn’t own or can’t see its external address), you will need to provide a value for alt-host on the transactor with the publicly reachable IP address in addition to the host property. We’ve got the transactor deployed in a container behind a load balancer. Should the alt-host be the load balancer’s URL? Where do we provide the LB’s port?

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Alt-host should be the balancer’s external hostname


Ports cannot differ


I hope you are not actually splitting traffic? Datomic wants to be able to address transactor individually


The traffic is not split


Any reason the ports are not allowed to differ


Or do you know how big of a change it would be to allow the ports to differ?


The LB works just as a proxy


The ports can’t differ simply because there’s no option to do so