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A very peculiar behavior after, I think, upgrade of IDEA to 2019.1 and of Cursive to v1.8.1-2019.1. Now, if I open another project in a separate window, the index seems to be broken as some symbols are not resolved. So, the process after I invalidate the index and open project A is: 1. See all symbols in yellow (not resolved) with indexing in progress 2. Wait for the indexing to stop 3. Open project B 4. Indexing of project B is in progress 5. After it's indexed, half of the symbols in project A become yellow again. A simple restart seems to fix the issue, even after I open both of the projects.


@p-himik Well, that’s unfortunate. Sadly I don’t think there’s much I could do about that on the Cursive side, that sounds like something that’s changed at the IntelliJ level. Hopefully they’ll fix that soon in a 2019.1 point release.


Hmm, we'll see. But the interesting thing is that it doesn't happen for e.g. Python projects.


Ok, let me know if anything new comes up or if it keeps happening. It’s entirely possible that it’s a Cursive bug that’s been exposed by changes in an underlying API, or something similar. The actual indexing code in Cursive hasn’t changed in ages.