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Reminder: We have a very popular talk on Tuesday evening @ SkillsMatter It will be a great chance to meet other people in the community.

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Looking forward to it and to seeing "people" - should be great 🙂


here’s the article about agile that I kept promising.


it grew a bit from the initial concept 😄 there will be a followup about failure modes common “agile” practices like standups and retros


look very good @lady3janepl!!!


thank you @thomas 😊 comments, discussion and critique all welcome 🙂


@lady3janepl - I will read it later on


@lady3janepl There’s a wonderful quote from Martin Fowler in “Lab Rats”, “Ninety percent of Agile is bullshit”, that was his take on the current state and management-guru-nonsense-status of “Agile”.


imo it’s like “ecological”


the word still has a scientific meaning, but it has been so heavily rebranded that it’s impossible to use it in a lay discussion


also another example


swastika is a symbol of Buddhism … except if you’re somewhere western.


it doesn’t matter what agile is or isn’t (imo), but rather that it’s not possible to solve the problem people are attempting to solve, in the manner they are attempting to solve it.


Both Lean Startup and Agile have an interesting historical lineage. Taylorism in the 1890's has a lot to answer for (and was proven complete fakery)

Ben Hammond16:04:54

well if the same set of management rituals keep spontaneously arising

Ben Hammond16:04:11

then presumably that is because they are adding some kind of value

Ben Hammond16:04:03

reminds me of that ''today I did nothing' tweet

Ben Hammond16:04:04

just because you didn't commit any code, doesn't mean you didn't do anything; it just means that you don't value or measure properly all the other stuff that you need to do


Yeah they all get derived something, just watered down a little more. It still rings like the gold rush though, those making the money are selling the training, consultancy and everything else but rarely doing it themselves. 🙂


And I will stone cold refuse to do a Lego Workshop with anyone.

Ben Hammond16:04:53

oooh I've not heard of those


yeah that was interesting

Ben Hammond16:04:05

I guess they're not as much fun as they sound

Ben Hammond16:04:30

but isn't it similiar with agile management


I would guess if you’re distracted with blocks, you don’t have as much mental resources for self-policing


so you end up inadvertently saying stuff you’d rather not say, if only you weren’t distracted


the problem with any company-sponsored therapy is that employee’s and company’s interests are not 100% aligned, so this kind of therapy is not 100% benevolent.

Ben Hammond16:04:50

and the therapist's interests are not aligned with either


Indeed. But everyone takes part as you stick out like a sore thumb for saying, “this is nuts”. And on that note dear friends I’m going to sit by the river and read a book.

Ben Hammond16:04:38

I think no human has a uniffied and harmoniously directed mind

Ben Hammond16:04:57

there are always conflict inside each engineer

Ben Hammond16:04:24

which makes the notion of 100% benevolent very difficult

Ben Hammond16:04:58

you always squash some strands of though/emotion in order to favour others


yeah, sure


that’s part of the problem: you’re trying to filter out people who are not True Believers (that is who have strongly visible thoughts/emotions not in favour of the company)


in and of itself this is not evil, it’s something every strongly internally-altruistic group deals with (religion, village, military, anything with initiatory/hazing rituals)


but in such groups it’s a mutual relationship: you are loyal to the group, the group takes care of you when you’re down. Companies, however, will not.


I have heard a rumour that there's an Emacs keybinding to send (reset) to the relevant connected nrepl session... Is this true and can anyone assist my failing Google-Fu if it is..?


@maleghast there is cider-restart that will restart the current repl, sending that via nrepl. In Spacemacs that is , s X or CIDER default C-c M-r


Or there is also cider-ns-refresh to reload the definitions in the current namespace


Or if you mean the nrepl connection itself, then it can be done using the sesman command sesman-restart which is C-c C-s r in CIDER and Spacemacs


@jr0cket - You're a star, thanks very much 🙂


Will the cider-restart effectively do what (reset) does, in terms of resetting state etc.?


I don't get the same output in the REPL so I am wondering if (for example) my database pools are stopped and re-started by using the above instead of swapping buffers and typing (reset)


Gotta configure before&after


@maleghast looking at the code, it seems cider-restart drops the nrepl connection and then reconnects. but does not kill the repl. If you have unwanted definitions, then sesman-restart seems to restart the repl (and therefore I assume clear out all the definitions). The docs are not that clear, so there is a bit of assumption here


I am going to stick with typing (reset) when I__ want to reset my state.


@maleghast - you can configure cider-ns-refresh globally in emacs.d, or per-project via .dir-locals.el (e.g.


Control == Good.


Oh, you mean sending (reset) to a repl for managing a component-like system for restarting your application in the current repl


I just evaluate (reset) in the editor, so my keybinding is , e f or , e e


And if you just want to reset state, for a reframe/reagent application for example, then I always include something like this in my design journal (reset! my-atom {:some-default "value"})


cider-refresh can be configured. Edge does that automatically now.


About a year ago, someone in this channel recommended a chocolate shop to me that delivers. I don't suppose that recommendation could surface again?


I have some vague recollection of this. Feel like it may have been someone like @U0FR9C8RZ or @U0524B4UW?

Rachel Westmacott10:04:27

I've no idea about delivery, but Paul A. Young makes the best chocolates that I know about.


Wow, he can't be doing too badly for himself with 3 shops in London


i don't think it was me - i've never ordered internet chocolates


A double false positive. My bad 🙂

Rachel Westmacott13:04:05

chococo might deliver I think


No idea what that one was, but an ex-coworker's partner runs this one and I can vouch for the chocolates:

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He used to bring in experimental chocolates for the office, that was quite nice