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Well, can I add one more plug-in? I'm porting (kinda... will write about it later) my current Atom plug-in for NeoVIM (just for fun, for now. Don't know yet if it'll be a viable option). It's yet at the very beginning, but you can find it here: There's also a nice gif showing what's working right now.


oh wow, this one looks cool too! I like the data exploration orientation. very interesting. it's funny, most editors have one main plugin for clojure, now vim has like 5.


is the gif in the readme showing that you can evaluate each step of a threading macro?


No, you can't evaluate each step. It's showing the integration with UNREPL, where it'll evaluate only parts of a big list/vector/map and then you can ask for more data


That way you can evaluate infinite lists, for example (like the range case)


Ahhh, ok. That is cool too! I just wish I had more time to play with all the tooling. I'm trying to wean myself off the constant tinkering but you folks keep pulling me back in