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Hi guys, good morning (ugt)! I’m going to be writing a blog post about my adventures with ClojureScript, Shadow-CLJS, and react-native-navigation this after noon. I was hoping to introduce this stack at work, but miserably failed. I was wondering by the way: are there any of you active in the Nijmegen area? Do you know people doing (preferably professional) Clojure(Script) development in this area?


Didn't Liander have a team of clojure devs in Arnhem with their HelloData project ?


I think @erwinrooijakkers works for them, and they are phasing out clojure?


but i might be mistaken


Why are they phasing it out though?


I think there might be a lesson to be learned there...


No idea, better ask the people involved. There could be a million reasons 🙂


Yes I worked for Alliander till the end of March of this year. @U04V6FEES, @U8K4E83L2 and @U050RCD9L also worked there. Two projects related to sharing high frequency smart meter measurements with consent of the consumer were written in Clojure and ClojureScript. The reason the projects stopped was strategic, not because of the technology used. Especially with the second system stakeholders were very happy with the speed of delivery and quality of the product.


too bad 😞


sounds all very familiar


The HelloData-team was let go around June of last year, the project was terminated at the end of the year


@stefan.van.den.oord what were the main objections?


Well, in part the usual probably (I’m new to this ecosystem as well, but I imagine things like “learning curve” and “syntax” coming up all the time). Besides that, things like preferring to spend the time needed for learning this on other things (features let’s say for the sake of simplicity). And also, interpreting freely, fear of the unknown I believe.


the “it looks weird”-reason - sounds familiar 😉


“All those parens! 😂


in ruby’s defense this example can be simplified a bit, but point taken.


yeah not much wrong with this code (or Ruby in general, or Gitlab’s code base ;) - but the parens-argument/joke I hear a lot while you see this across languages.


ye’ totes. 😅


Yeah, well, to be fair, that didn’t seem to be the main objection. 🙂


Counting '(' in clojure vs kotlin vs rust for the same app gives 126,111 and 377. It's really just the order..

Lennart Buit17:04:39

haha for a moment I read that as 126.111 and 377

Lennart Buit17:04:48

Its so bad that I was writing SQL today, and I started a function call with a paren…

Lennart Buit17:04:06

… and I constantly forget commas in maps in JS/Ruby


The rust libraries are more low level, and there's a fair amount of code just handling possible errors there. Often when I query mongo I put the colon on the 'wrong' side.