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thanks yea. that last one doesn’t actually work for me for some reason on mac, but it’s pretty close. i guess part of the issue with the cmd-d thing is in the details of how it works.


the reason why doing it one press at a time is nice is because it helps you make sure you’re not making a change you don’t intend. that’s why i find it more powerful than normal global search and replace


I love the var to test var mapping in Cursive, but many of my tests are written as name-of-var-condition-under-test-test. For example, I have succeeded?-success-test and succeeded?-non-success-test for a function named succeeded?. Is there a way to set up the Var to test var mapping to account for that?


Is there a setting I can put to make cursive stop using java 9?


Im getting some errors on my builds that seem related to java 8->9 bugs in my code


but my target is java 8