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hey is there anyway to make cursive be less aggressive on the “X cannot be resolved” messages? It basically fails on all js interop, which makes the warning less useful because of all the noise.


@nwjsmith I don’t think there is, no. Currently the mapping is set up to map 1-1 between vars and test vars. However I think it’s a reasonable improvement, particularly to map a single var to multiple test vars (I don’t think the other direction is probably as useful). Could you file an issue for that?


@emccue That’s controlled by the SDK you use for your projects. I guess you created the SDK from a Java 9 install, if you create one from a Java 8 install that should fix it (I don’t think setting the compile target alone is sufficient).


@justinlee is the issue you’re after - sorry, I’ve been planning to fix that for ages.

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