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Hey @alex-dixon, wanted to check with you before I experiment. The use-case is that I want to generate rules at the compile time (say, via Macros). Precept consumes namespace to create the session, which is different from Clara where I can provide just rules to create a session. So, does it mean that I will have to create a namespace as well at the compile time that can be fed to the session? Or, do you see other possible ways of handling such scenarios?


@amarjeet Hey. Clojure or Clojurescript?




OK. Could you explain more? You want to generate rules dynamically at runtime, or just at compile time? Right now they are compile time


compile time only. Its like I take some input/data, and apply macros to spit out rules at the compile time


Ok. It would be namespaced base and that namespace would need to be required in the session along with other rule namespaces


I’m not sure if before Clara 0.17 there was support for loading rules without namespaces in CLJS, just Clojure. I’d recommend looking into that feature though — they did a lot of work on it and extended the API. I think it would help your exact use case


hmm, i had thought so on the first point. On the 2nd point - will have to check. I had used just rules to build session in Clojure only. Haven't tried vanila Clara in cljs. In cljs, I am riding on Precept 🙂


Will explore this more


thanks 🙂


Awesome. Thanks for saying hey simple_smile

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