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Interesting. I've been wondering whether to make the plugin.vim build the library if it doesn't exist and cargo is in the path. I'm not so sure I want to distribute binaries, though.


recently, it's hard to connect to slack in our network:upside_down_face: @shaunlebron the problem is not about performance, emacs cider provide fringe(the left edge of editor) indicator that indicate the expr has been sent to repl. the indicator will be remove when the text of this expr changed. even not process the whole buffer, sometimes we have to process the previous sexp.


i suppose parinfer outputting changes rather than whole text would minimize that problem


the same problem will occur when use nlinum-mode(a fast line number mode). It may not be a serious problem, but I don't want parinfer-mode break anything.


what is fast line number mode

justinbarclay23:03:09 A popular package for emacs that displays line numbers