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can someone remove rich hickey's portrait from error pages? clojure shouldn't be like North Korea you know... 🙂

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clojuredocs isn't an official site


i'm sure you're going to laugh here 😆


I've made a proof of concept in the Clojure compiler that caches reflective calls with indy, so that code without type hints is almost as fast as with type hints. what's the appropriate place to discuss and potentially receive some feedback on the idea and the implementation? here? clojure/clojure-dev mailing list? a JIRA ticket?

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Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:03:34

clojure-dev or jira are probably best but it may be an arbitrarily long while before anyone in core has time to take a look at it.


no problem at all, I did it to learn and to see if it was possible, the end goal is not to get it into core 🙂 but some feedback would be nice, maybe this is an interesting direction that can reduce the complexity for newcomers a bit, maybe it's complete garbage 😄

Alex Miller (Clojure team)21:03:41

usually @ghadi is interested in such things


yeah, his experimental indy branch has been extremely helpful to me 🙂 I'll work on this some more and open a thread on clojure-dev when I have some more data, thanks :thumbsup: