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@carr0t Which are you using?


@souenzzo Ouch, that looks bad. I’ll take a look, thanks.


@kenny Not really - it’s a very interesting project and has potential for Cursive, I’m not sure it’s production ready yet though.


the new follow qualified keywords feature is awesome, thanks @cfleming!!!


@ikitommi No worries, sorry it took so long! Any suggestions, let me know.


Pro tip: things like Show Implementation work as well.


Which is probably pretty nice for spec.


I’m new to cursive - is there a place to see the newly released features?


Just switched to the EAPs


@cfleming Well, the specific libraries we're using are adzerk/boot-test (in our older stuff) and metosin/boot-alt-test (in the newer stuff). In terms of the code content of the test files they're both the same, the just produce different output. For all I know the code content is the same for clojure.test too. (deftest ... (testing "..." (... (is etc? But I wouldn't expect Cursive to support them because it doesn't do boot 🙂


@carr0t It should work since you’re actually using clojure.test, you’re just using the boot runner. If you can start a boot REPL and connect Cursive to it, the test integration should work for you.


If it doesn’t, if you could create a small test project I’ll look at it.


Sure, I'll give it a go 🙂


@mattford I don’t have a good release notes page, the best way to stay up to date is the mailing list:!forum/cursive


Hmm. I went to "Debug REPL for..." instead of "Run REPL for..." and for some reason Cursive seems to have forgotten all my definitions for this project. My project.clj is still the same...


Even after refreshing projects


What does Cursive need to resolve the code within a module? I have 2 modules here within the 1 project and 1 resolves fine and the other was but has just stopped, and I can't work out what has suddenly changed


It is referencing a different Clojure version, but it was doing that before. If I change the Clojure version to match the working project it resolves the basics like defn, but not the other calls for other libs


I've checked my .m2 directory, and both versions of Clojure are present in there. The iml file is referencing the correct one


Ahha, I moved the project directory a while back. It seems anything regenerated since then has got confused. If I move it back it all works. So is there a relative path somewhere that has got messed up?


Just updated Cursive to 1.6.2-eap2-2017.2 and it refuses to syntax highlight a couple files in one of my projects. All symbols and most functions are highlighted as "cannot be resolved." The strange thing here is that it is only in a couple files in this project. Every other file is unaffected. I have tried restarting InteliiJ, invalidate caches & restart, and deleting the IntelliJ project and recreating it all without success. Any ideas?


Restarting computer does not work either.


Interestingly, if I comment out [clojure.spec.alpha :as spec] from my :require it is fixed. Guessing this is a regression.


However if I uncomment it then it stays "fixed."


does cursive have step-through debugging similar to what's possible in cider ?