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Hey everybody - We're currently scheduled to meet again this coming Wednesday, Nov 8th. Unfortunately, we recently discovered that our usual location, Matchcraft in Santa Monica, won't be available for the meetup this month.


I've already reached out to a couple of you to see about an alternate location, but so far, we're still without one. So if anyone is willing to look into this and propose a location, please get in touch with me ASAP.


If we're unable to find a location by end-of-day on Monday, I think we'll unfortunately have to look at re-scheduling again.


Thanks in advance for any help and suggestions!


I don’t have space to offer, but are most attendees on the west side? I would be driving over the hill from Glendale and (totally selfishly) I wouldn’t mind something on this side. e.g. I’ve been to a handful of events at CrossCampus in Pasadena and DTLA.


So yeah, we have a good smattering of people on the west side, some in the valley, and some in the south, too.