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Is Specter Clojure or a “other language”? 😉


i absolutely prefer plain Clojure


In this case it seems to be faster too, although I would expect Specter to have performance benefits


I tried Specter, and found it difficult to learn and use. It wasn’t as intuitive when I tried to use vs when I saw the demo presentation


Yeah, I have to agree with @ghadi, and Alex Miller's version on the gist is the cleanest of all the approaches. That's the problem with DSLs: if you don't know the DSL, the code is really hard to read.


And as someone who routinely is asked to take a look at 5000loc clojure files and "figure out how it could be improved", I really hope this style of coding doesn't become more common.


That being said, I wish there was a way via something like tools.analyzer to mash a bunch of get-ins and update-ins together, where common sub-paths of the paths could be traversed once reducing the garbage created via multiple edits.


That way I could write "normal" clojure code, but still get the better performace/reduced garbage.


I get Specter, but it feels very visual, and could really use some visual aids similar to those used in understanding Rx abstractions.


Highlight or 'glow' each selected element, and show transitions between each sequential navigation


Oh cool, I just looked at the comment


I’ve got mixed feelings about this. Takes me quite a while to learn the DSL and to finally come up with what I would write in vanilla Clojure in a couple of minutes. Seems harder to maintain than vanilla Clojure.


Things that make me grieve for the 'industry standards' ™️