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It's bound to rf fwiw btw. And it will show an error on refresh failure. Only the file/line/column/message, but I've found it's enough to debug. I would like to do a proper quickfix-loading system.


Does anyone know a good tutorial for vim that is more about the environment of exploring directories, opening files, splitting windows, using buffers, etc, as opposed to all the other tutorials that seem to focus almost exclusively on the navigation and key bindings, which are easy to find.


Maybe I should just get a book


I don't know of anything like that particularly. I've had to research each topic individually as I've taken an interest in it.


@ajs I imagine you have already seen them but the vimcasts are pretty good, I enjoyed the practical vim book as well.


Cool, I will check those out!


You can get Modern Vim now too (beta) -, which I think has a lot more Neovim related stuff.


Every single vim tutorial is all about the key bindings, as if that's all there is to do in the editor. But I'm trying to replace Emacs, so I really need to know a lot more than how to move up and down a few lines!


vimcasts has practical guides, the ones on fugitive taught me so much.