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Hey defn fan(s)! We will have @dnolen as our guest this Sunday - If there are any questions or topics you want us to cover feel free to post here or tweet us at @defnPodcast!


@vijaykiran here's one: what is the possible impact of the whole Facebook-patents-debacle on Since it uses react under the hood and it might (or might not) be violating the GraphQL patent application.


I guess that's really 2 questions 🙂 1/ what about's usage of React looking at the BSD+patents license. 2/ what about the querying model that is inspired by GraphQL's (but also datomic's) model vs. the facebook patent application on GraphQL


yes, they did change the licensing


@vijaykiran Also curious about om-next. As a general observation looks like a lot of work has been put into it & still seems semi-actively maintained. But a lot of docs are with "Soon" since 2016 also not a lot of new talks on om-next. So I guess the questions would be:


- it's been stated on the slack channel a few times, that om-next is intended to be the "blueprint/bare" metal that people use to build there own "fully featured flow" on top like fulcro does. Is that right and will om-next continue down that path ? Seems like a lot of people start learning expecting something else.


- are there any improvements for om-next on the way ? Know he was saying that he's still thinking about some things related to error handling.


- does he know of anybody working or if there are any plans for a clojure(script) series ? Elm, purescript are there, would really be a huge "plus" for people trying to bring clojure into there workplace if it a course was on


Thanks @claudiu Will add them to the queue


@claudiu If you're looking for clojurescript videos, there are lots of good videos if you follow the links from


@shaun-mahood not for me :( is pretty popular, having something there and being able to link IMHO takes cljs out of the "really exotic tech"


Its more about exposure :) they have really good reactjs content. I learned rxjs because it was there and cought my eye. + Cljs has a really strong react ecosystem & is kinda a perfect match


For reactjs :)


@claudiu - don’t take this the wrong way but why would David have anything on egghead? Can you help me to understand why his take on it would be relevant?


@stijn - the point about FB changing the licensing isn’t just that they have now caved, it’s the fact that we are building tech on a base that has very significant commercial interests. That’s great when they’re funding engineering resources but not so great when they take us all down with them ;-)


Let’s hope google don’t do something similar with the Closure lib. Google seem to have better management on this than FB at the moment but the point is that stuff changes


This kind of thing should be set as a not-for-profit foundation rather than copyright IP


[ yes, stallman was right ]


@raymcdermott Ahh fair point. Asked because David is the lead developer on clojurescript and works at cognitect. But think I need to rephrase and add a bit of context 🙂


Clojure as a language and ecosystem seems like the best option out there for frontend development especially if you're going with react. Immutable, functional, closure compiler, figwheel, (re-frame, om-next, fulcro, etc...), clojure.spec + SSR and the same language on the backend.


Yep did a talk about clojure(script), and nobody knew anything about it (not to mention confusion about closure compiler).... They knew typescript, react, redux, relay, graphql & elm. Somebody in the audience asked me to compare it to Elm so that he can better understand.


Question: Clojurescript development seems to have a really nice direction. But are there any plans/direction for community growth and exposure to developers from other communities ?


The might be just me since I think the content quality is really good and check out what's there from time to time (but seen that it's pretty popular with the developers I know also). For languages . So basically don't know how popular it is in the clojurescript community but for frontend js , seems to have lessons about every library language that I have heard of except clojure, seems like a really big missed opportunity.


Started learning clojure about 1 year ago, really wish I'd heard about it sooner...(my fault mostly I guess). Feeling a bit spoiled/grateful especially after watching david's talk "The Next Five Years of ClojureScript", the work that was put in to the language & tooling these last few years seems nothing short of amazing. Just saying this maybe maybe someone decides to polish up one of there existing coursers on clojurescript and add it there where it would really get a lot of exposure.