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personally wouldn't want to see cursive standalone, all that java shit is super useful for those of us using clojure rather than clojurescript


@bfabry It would include all of that too - it would more or less be the IntelliJ community edition with a few things removed, and Cursive preinstalled.


The main benefit for me would be a one-click install (useful for total newbies) and that I could customise the setup experience (i.e. prompt the user whether they want a simpler UI etc).


well if it stayed with all the java stuff then not really fussed either way. If I had to vote on that vs say argument name hints I'd go the latter any day, but then I'm not a newbie and I don't know what your drop-off rate or support rate for a difficult install is


Neither do I really, and it’s always a tough call - one of Cursive’s main benefits is being easy to get started with, but that takes a lot of work which I could be dedicating to other things.


Several people have asked about using Cursive in academic settings, or for e.g. ClojureBridge, and it’s not good for that right now.


is anyone having any problems with the laterst eap5 version ?


after update , I cant start a REPL anymore. It hangs up after “saving cache”.


cursive version, 1.5.0-eap5-2017.1


thanks, going back to stable version now


@yusup This issue is only in the latest EAP, eap-4 works fine. The link is in the mailing list thread:


(assuming you’re on 2017.1, that is)


yeah, already reinstalled , and it is working again.


@cfleming This might not be a cursive bug. I just want to run it by you in case you may have any thoughts about it. The problem I have is figwheel doesn’t see modification of some of my cljs files. It happens when I start figwheel sidecar in cursive’s repl, or start it in lein repl in terminal and connect to it as a remote repl. If I don’t connect cursive to it, figwheel works fine. I tracked down an found that the problematic cljs files appear under target/classes/ path. If I remove those files, the issue is resolved. Do you have any thoughts?


I’m on 1.5.0-eap4


@tap I’m not sure I understand - your problem is that you have some CLJS files under target/classes, and you’re modifying them and expecting Figwheel to pick those changes up?


I can’t think of anything that should prevent that just by connecting the Cursive REPL - Figwheel watches the FS and is essentially totally independent of Cursive.