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another data point: I live in Sweden and do work for a US company, I have my own Swedish entity and invoice them in Swedish Kronor and they transfer that to my Swedish bank account 🙂


@tjg thanks so much for that link! i get down on my knees every day and thank my lucky stars that i work for an enlightened boss who let's me wrk from home except for the occassional f2f. i'm pretty sure that i'm about 10 times more productive that way. for one thing, 2 hrs per day (sometimes 3 in chicago) in transit is not so productive.


I'm still uncertain as to whether I'd work better from home or not, but if I had a commute like that I'd definitely push for less / more focused face-to-face time. I at least want it to be valuable time, not just 'time being seen in the office working'.


(Which, as a consultant, is a continual aggravation, I might add. 'Visibility' is a recurring buzzword.)


yeah, visibility or "presence" is a genuine issue - out of sight, out of mind. sth like slack can help, if you can get people to use it.


not to mention pointless mass meetings. i have atrended mtgs attended bt 30 people in person, another 40 by phone, with no agenda.


@mobileink Glad to hear! Yeah, commuting’s not great for the environment either... just to go to a place that I can’t really customize?


And saving 1-2 hr/day not commuting, can maybe be used to learn how to communicate differently at first...


@tjg i will definitely be sharing that article.