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FYI, I'm in the UK (briefly) April 19-25... I'll be in Southwater at the Hen & Chicken on the 21st from 7pm on, and may be around the evenings of 23rd and 24th near Ripley / Woking if folks fancy a drink somewhere...

Rachel Westmacott07:04:49

random core function of the day:

([bindings & body])
  bindings => [name init ...]

  Evaluates body in a try expression with names bound to the values
  of the inits, and a finally clause that calls (.close name) on each
  name in reverse order.


use it all the time


yeah, I use that all the time. Of course most of my clojure at the moment is little scripts and utilities, so lots of file I/O.


As I'm mainly writing server side stuff that communicates with databases and other services thru queues and HTTP calls don't use it that much in production code but I do use it to read in test data a lot.