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@cfleming No. I’m sorry I explained badly. I’ll try again. I have cljs files under src/cljs and I config dev output to be at resources/public/out. But when I start local cursive repl or connect cursive to lein repl, these things happen. 1. When I modify file under src/cljs, Figwheel doesn’t update some (a few) files under resources/public/out as usual. 2. When I modify a problematic file, it looks like Figwheel know that the file is modified. It tries to recompile and push that file to browser. There’s a recompilation messages appear in log and update sign show up on browser. But that modification doesn’t show up on the browser, even after hard refresh. 3. I noticed that the problematic files appear under target/classes path. If I remove these files, the issue is fixed and figwheel is back to work as usual. 4. The problematics files are always the same files 5. Things above don’t happen when I use cider-jack-in or cider-connect


The issue is minor now as I found the workaround (Remove cljs files under target/classes). If you can’t relate it with anything cursive does internally immediately, then never mind. I know you are quite busy fixing more serious issues. Thanks for taking a time reading.


@tap The only thing I can think of is that Cursive is copying those files there as part of a compile process, and that Figwheel for some reason ignores changes to files that it also finds under the compile output path.


How do you run your REPL?


The issue occur for both ways - Curisve Local REPL > “Run nREPL with Leiningen”. No other configurations. - lein repl in macOS’s termianal. Then Remote REPL > “Use Leiningen REPL port”


just wanted to say thanks again @cfleming! Lovin' the work. Makes my job fun.


@goomba Thanks! I’m glad it’s working well for you.