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@qqq Plus dirac (some here use dirac more than others)


super late to the party but you could have a nested map per-panel. you could then use functional lenses to make working on deeply nested maps easier (lenses is just a fancy term for getters and setters in FP 😛)


@akiroz If you consider a beginner asking questions a party, by all means welcome to the afterparty. Time to furiously google functional lenses then. I just discovered you can dispatch an event within another event makes my navigation way easier (load user data then set panel to userpanel 😄)


how can I pass multiple methods without the params being concatenated? if dispatch[event param1 param2] in the event [{db :db} param1 param2] only var1 gets a value and that is the concactenated value of param1 with param2 (both are strings) . param2 is empty in the event. Also passing the param as a map does not work, then again I could be doing something wrong when trying to make a map with the two parameters.


I dont think you can? destructure the params like so: (fn [db [_ param1 param2]] ...)


or you could potentially write an interceptor that would do that?


If I understand your problem correctly... (dispatch [:evt "foo" "bar"]) yields [context "foobar" nil] at the event?


sounds like a bug somewhere.