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Ok. Looks like that might need to be a specific action since the current one is not sufficiently extensible. And you’d like the formatted version to be output to the REPL, or to a new console?


Probably REPL because that’s what I have visible.


Any idea on when EAP 2016.3 will be supported? It’s got some fixes to crashers in OS X (apparently) that would really make a big difference in my workflow


@danielcompton: I’m planning to add that soon, hopefully in the next EAP build if it’s not complicated.


Is there a way to clear the autocomplete cache for keywords? I misspelled one for a while and now fixed it. Though it keeps popping up and I keep using the wrong one (had :coures.part/id instead of :course.part/id)


Just discovered that if you Move Form Up with cursor on the key in a binding form, it moves up the key and value. I’ve been doing that the hard way.


(let [foo bar
       baz bif])
(let [baz bif
       foo bar])
in one keystroke. Cursor starts before the b in baz.