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Uhm, so, let's say I needed a lein project that had a clj backend and a cljs front-end including figwheel, as basic as possible, to start learning... what would you guys recommend? (I tried lein new figwheel project-name I seem to get no back-end?)


@eslachance: Any particular thing you want to start learning first? Luminus ( is a good place to start for the most batteries included option so you can just get started, but it's pretty daunting if you learn best by understanding everything and start looking at the dependencies and trying to understand them.


Well... I don't want a big stack I really just want something as simple as possible. Honestly, I'm just... overwhelmed by the amount of stuff I have to understand and something like Luminus isn't... really helping me at the moment.


I come from the world of node and such where 4 lines is enough to run something, so.. yeah.


(and I literally have a 4-line bot in node.js that handles certain types of spam on 60+ servers)


And yes I know. easily confused noob. I admit it ^_^


I had the same getting started experience with Luminus, actually. The way I got started was with just a base figwheel template for CLJS and a base ring template for clj. Worked pretty well to learn but was a pain when I started putting them together.


why don’t you try this @eslachance …it includes luminus but it’s minimalist and really can help 😉


A complete Clojure project you can leap from that's already a great title to start with!


Thanks guys I will look into it


I just gotta get used to the project structure and some basic operations, hopefully I can get passed this wall that's been stopping me for months.


At least working with node made me appreciate async, maps/filter/reduce and a couple other things!


@eslachance: is also worth a look, and both the #yada channel (for edge) and the #hoplon channel are very active and helpful.


Will also take a look, thank you!