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Which particular magic incantation do I need to cast in order to access a figwheel-served project over my local network? Eg: so I can pull up the project on my iPhone


@ivanreese: On windows with firewall off it just works for me with nothing extra, if you open the port I think that's all you need to do.


Hmm — thanks for the reply. I'm on a Mac, and I've had no trouble serving with browsersync, codekit, etc etc. I've also tried using but that didn't help any. I've also tried setting figwheel to use a particular ip address and localhost. I haven't tried messing with ring (but I've never used it directly, so I'm not sure where I'd start).


AHHH problem was between chair and keyboard. Somehow, both my iPhone and my second test machine had joined the wrong Wifi network. Crisis averted! Thanks.


Oh man that is the worst. I've wasted so much time with stupid computer things like that...


Glad it worked!