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@cfleming: yes that works. So do the keyboard shortcuts. But still no button. It's not a big issue. Just curious what causes the buttons to disappear.


@moizsj: Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing?


@cfleming and now I see them! when I flipped open my laptop this morning, they were there. as if they grew overnight.


What might be an issue when in cljs figwheel repl, I try to Load file in REPL I always get an error like java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Namespace <ns> does not exist, with <ns> being always some required ns from my project (not library ns)


in case someone wondered, had to add src/cljs into clojure (not cljsbuild) source-paths. I guess this wasn’t needed before last update of Cursive? not sure tho


So, I’ve set up a namespace in my project and a command so that I can copy a stack trace out of a terminal window and have it show up as an io.aviso/pretty formatted exception in the REPL. It would be cool if that was built into Cursive.


@hlship: IntelliJ actually has an Analyze Stacktrace action, but I’m not sure what it does. I’ll investigate it.


I’m not sure how extensible that is, i.e. if for Clojure stacktraces I could reformat them using pretty.


Does pretty contain functionality to parse stacktraces from text? I guess usually it formats from the exception object itself.


Yes, I have some pretty usable code that does the parse. It’s all too easy to get tripped up, but for any exceptions I’ve gotten out of our application logs, it works fine.


Are you basically trying to get clickable links from the trace?


I actually have code to do that for the code folding in the REPL, now that I think about it.


Nope, really want to have the full reformat treatment (name demangingly, column organization, ANSI fonts, etc.).