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I often want to resize the REPL window/pane/frame/thingie. With other windows (e.g. “Project”) cmd-shift-{left,right} works. With the REPL window, however, that seems to work only on rare occasions (or maybe never). So I usually end up using the mouse, but I would love a way to do this with the keyboard instead. Any ideas?


For whoever might care, I was having issues where I was getting a crash in the Cursive plugin if I had the Elixir plugin enabled, I just tried with the latest (non-EAP) version of Cursive and the latest Elixir plugin, and looks like everything is playing nicely together finally.


What's the right way to control the indentation of macro forms with Cursive? a-la emacs clj-mode's put-clojure-indent:


More broadly, we're trying to get Cursive to conform to clojure-mode's defaults. Is there a config template or something we can load into Cursive to make that happen?