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There are some other options that are not documented there, in particular Editor-&gt;Code Style-&gt;Clojure-&gt;General-&gt;One space list indent.


If you can send an example of something that’s not matching what you want, I can probably help with that.


Great. Thanks, @cfleming!


@kevin: I just investigated this a bit. The problem is that that action conflicts with a standard editor action, “Move to line start/end with selection”. For most toolwindows there’s no conflict because they don’t contain editors, but for the REPL it’s a problem.


I don’t have a good solution sorry, I’ll have to think about it.


You could rebind the stretch left/right actions to another key, of course.


cfleming: ah, yeah, that makes sense, kinda figured it was something like that. Stupid IntelliJ and its use of a default single keybinding for multiple, context-specific actions. actually, rebinding the “stretch” actions seems like a pretty decent solution, i’ll give it a go. thanks!


@cfleming: i've checked that 1.2.6-2016.1 has no issue with recognising the Maven project for the Clojure REPL / Remote / Use Leiningen REPL port, but with the EAP version it's just showing <unknown> in the list of projects there. Should I file an issue about this? Do you need an example repository?


btw, i've just noticed the new macro support accidentally and i almost cried from the excitement ;D i see it's even documented! it's a great practical solution to this fundamental problem!


it has induced a few questions though. 1. why is there no defn option? i would have immediately use it for the hoplon defelem which is the most frequently used function definition form in hoplon code 2. where are these resolution and indentation settings stored? how am i supposed to share them across projects and workstations? i've tried grep -ri defrpc .idea in a project but it's not there... it's neither here: grep -ri defrpc ~/Library/Application\ Support/IntelliJIdea2016.1/


actually defelem is a bad example because it's defined like a function, but the usage time parameters are pre-processed 😕

(defelem dialog [{:keys [title] :as attrs} kids]
   (div :class "dialog" (dissoc attrs :title)
     (h1 title)

(dialog :class "large" :title "Login"
   (input :type "text" email)
   (input :type "password" pwd))
where the value of attrs becomes:
{:class "large"
 :title "Login"}
and the kids will be:
[(input :type "text" email)
 (input :type "password" pwd)]


i wouldn't want the call site to be underlined because of arity error, but i also don't want to see title, attrs and kids marked as unresolvable within the definition of dialog