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@jtackett: IMO If 1% of the volume of your codebase is Clojure and the rest PHP, just hire a PHP dev and rewrite the Clojure bit in PHP. If the volume of change is in the PHP part of the system regardless of the amount of code in Clojure, same answer, hire PHP dev and for the tiny amount of time they spend in Clojure accept they will either have to rewrite the code in PHP or learn Clojure. If you're moving your code base to Clojure, then hire a Clojure dev. However, if you have a working PHP codebase that is satisfying your requirements I would consider the reasons for doing so - and make sure you're certain of the return on the investment


You guys do all realize that the latter post was a joke. The job is for a PHP dev but I like the way clojure devs think so I wanted one for the job. I appreciate all your theories though. I feel like an author who as readers guessing the true meaning of their book.


@jtackett: So it's not about writing a Clojurescript backend targeting PHP?


Hah that should be the next compilation target. Clojurhp