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@rauh: Sorry, I missed your message earlier. There’s no way to do this right now, sorry. I’m bouncing around some ideas about a combined REPL that you can send either to, and the correct part of the REPL would evaluate the code depending on its type.


@cfleming: Sounds good. Maybe I'll see if I can find some repl middleware that does this. Both my REPLs are remote.


@rauh: I see, interesting. That might make it trickier. I’m interested in ideas about how this might work.


Both of them connect over nREPL remotely?


How would you like to configure that? Are they separate lein projects?


Nope, everything is in one lein project. (That's why I absolutely need those lein profiles). Then start two nREPLs from command line and connect Cursive. In one of them I do in Cursive (load-file "scripts/figwheel.clj"). Works wonderfully.


Didn't find a middleware that can do this 😞 Cider does it in lisp.


@rauh: How does it work in Cider? I remember seeing they do something like this now.


I guess it’s easier for them because you generally have only a single REPL session, or I suppose one per language these days.


I don't know LISP too well but it looks like they're sending it to the proper REPL buffer depending on the major mode. @cfleming . Could probably ask in #C0617A8PQ


@cfleming: UI freeze on attempting to auto complete while typing (with auto require) with circular require deps. is this known?


maybe this is known, but a heads-up to all - I've been getting terrible cpu usage/freezing on and off every few days/weeks when I start typing in a clj file. Restarting, invalidating caches, messing with the indent settings, disabling other plug-ins such as Groovy, recreating projects, etc. have had no effect. What did fix things for me at least 3 times so far was when Kotlin was updated. Don't know anything about Cursive source obviously, but something about either Kotlin bugs or simply reinstalling it seems to fix issues for me each time. If you're stuck like I have been a few times, worth a try.


Ctrl-enter to run commands in a Cursive REPL has broken my brain for every other program simple_smile