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@catonano: I saw it and read it half way quickly but it will need some more thought so i planned to revisit it on the weekend.


i've just merged our own pull request the other day to the hoplonified daterange picker, btw maybe it's relevant to the topic... we are using that in production and it works well so far


it's not been pushed to clojars though because i still cant sign a package (and i dont want to just release a snapshot)


is there some devcards equivalent for hoplon?


@onetom: i haven’t seen devcards before, looks cool simple_smile


parinfer looks cool too


waaa just installed it


agree. i found it quite cool too. so cool that i actually created the #C0F2A0MJN channel and invited the author of parinfer and some more people who implemented it for the various editors 😉


I'm still having some trouble with castra. I have a defrpc function defined in my client and my server, but when my client tries to access it on my server, it just returns "Server error" into my error cell. The POST responds with 200 OK, but the payload is just the error message and stack trace, which didn't seem to point anywhere helpful. I'm suspicious that my mkremote function is not defined properly, since I couldn't find any documentation or examples that used the :url option. Here's the rpc fn in my client:

(def url "")
(def rpc-test
  (cas/mkremote 'my-project.handler/rpc-test
                record test-err loading
                {:url url}))
Does that look right? Or is there somewhere else that I should be pointing the mkremote?


Why are you using the :url option?


Because the server is hosted remotely. Is that not what the :url option is for?