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Hmm, can you embed a subquery directly in a query or exclude a subcomponent from the automatic "subquery reconciliation"? Grr, this is hard to explain, but I have an Assessment component (id "assessment/by-number" and query "[]"), and a Map-view (query [{:assessments ~(om/get-query Assessment} :channel] (which becomes [{:assessments []} :channel]). This works great, and the map's all pretty. But I'm trying to embed the Map-view in a root component (Assessments-view), and I can't quite get that query to work, because I can't seem to just concat the map subquery to everything else, and leaving it out gives me "uncaught #error "No queries exist for component path (Assessments-view Map-view)" when the reconciler tries to reconcile. I'm sure I'm missing something really obvious; I can get a devcard to display it right with a manual query and normalization, but I can NOT seem to make progress.


(even an explanation of what exactly "No queries exist for component path..." means would help, honestly. I can manually assemble the root query and that works, so I can pass down selected props to the subcomponents, but without correct query composition automatic normalization seems to go wonky.


Does anyone have a pointer to an example project that demos authentication/authorization with


Is there significance to the mutate function dispatching on symbols in the om-next-demo? The read fn dispatches on keywords.


Hmmm, devcards and fiwheel render correctly, but when I run my ubjerjar I can see from the console that my reconciler is updating and my root component claims it's mounting... but nothing happens and the DOM is unchanged from the original HTML. Is there a known obvious thing I'm missing?


I’m also curious about the answer to @cmcfarlen’s question. Is there any reason not to use keywords to dispatch mutations?