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Hi All, I am trying to use conjure with neovim, but whenever I try to evaluate something I get ECONNREFUSED followed by a disconnected log. Can some point me in the right direction, as I can't seem to find anything online.


you probably have a .nrepl-port file where youve opened the editor and conjure is trying to connect to the port thats in it. deleting the file and reopening your file should fix it

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this is a standard port file used by the nREPL to tell clients where they are running. this is probably left over from you running a console repl in the same place at some time? they dont generally clean up after themselves.


conjure has a default behaviour of noticing the presence of that file and assuming there is a nREPL at that port and would use it to do its thing


deleting the file worked - thank you! :]


thanks for the detailed explanation as to why as well. Very helpful 👌


also dont worry, conjure is nice, it does clean up after itself

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