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I want to thank the whole Clojure community for bringing data oriented / data driven programming to my (our) attention! This style of programming is just awesome. Everything becomes much simpler, to a degree that is almost boring - in a good way: - more confidence that stuff works as intended - things are easier to test and fix, a specific regression test is just described as data - adding new functionality is as trivial as just writing a function for a specific case Additionally the leverage of having much of the code be described as "Just Data!" is insane. We are able to easily extend things and create tools that generate and work with the data: - generate tests for foundational modules with minimal effort - generate modules and data validation, based on a living specification / single source of truth - succinctly describe rules, effects and relationships, make everything configurable Philosophically speaking, the code is what your program does and the data is what your program knows. The latter is much easier to share, compare, transform, ignore, extend... Just this week I had two instances (today and yesterday) of being so very__ glad that we made an effort to continously extract data from code. The cost is so__ worth it. It almost feels like cheating. Thank you!

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may i share a screenshot of this wonderful message on Twitter, @U01EFUL1A8M?

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Yes of course