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hey, is it possible to install the wee-slack app integration here? I had been using the irc bridge, but that and xmpp are going down May 15. I use wee-slack for work, but would be happy to use another integration supported by weechat. Seems like matrix is a thing?


You don't need the integration


See the wiki -- linked in the channel topic and details (in the sidebar) -- for various alternatives.


Matrix bridges IRC and also bridges into a couple of channels here (but not the main #clojure channel from IRC).


30-50 people are using Discord which doesn't bridge into anything. I think about 600-700 people have remained on IRC (and will likely continue to just ignore Slack once the gateway goes away). There are also a few small pockets of users on Gitter in various rooms.


The number of people currently using the IRC gateway to Slack is very small (compared to the nearly 13K members in this Slack).

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:03:36

IRC took a significant dip this year in the Clojure survey (and Slack is clearly the most used)

Alex Miller (Clojure team)20:03:03

(and yes, we plan to post that stuff soon - waiting on me at the moment)


I started using wee-chat to actually be able to keep all my slacks and IRC in one window. It's been pretty nice.


I thought wee-chat used Slack's websocket API already and wouldn't be affected by the gateway shutdown?


it does, it just needs an oauth token


@gtrak Are you already bridging into this Slack via wee-chat?


yes, via IRC at the moment, but I use the 'app' for my other slacks


According to all you need is to request an API token and put that into wee-slack locally and you're off to the races...


yes, I think the issue is, the oauth token is tracked as an 'app' in slack


I don't see wee-chat or wee-slack in the Slack app directories so there's nothing to install from an admin p.o.v.


Per that GH repo, it sounds like you need to request an API token from Slack...


Looks like you can either request a test token or generate a legacy token.


yea, I wonder how slack knows about apps at all, maybe there's some link parsing or something. I think if I click 'request legacy token', you guys would have to approve it, which isn't a general solution. I'm not yet convinced that having one person try the normal wee-slack oauth will make it easier for the next person yet.


We approve all token requests. @slackbot lets us know about them. We do not approve app requests tho'.


ah ok, well then I guess I'll do that 🙂


And let us know how it goes.


FWIW most people request test API tokens, not legacy tokens, but I granted your request anyway.


it worked, @seancorfield I don't see a way to get a separate 'test token', but thanks!


Yeah, following their links for test API tokens seems to land you back on the legacy token page ... that may be a recent change?


Legacy tokens are what I use :)


They work almost everywhere.