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has anyone attempted to make figwheel smarter using tools.namespace as to what it recompiles when something in the source paths changes?


In our app we’re using a shared source path for three figwheel (browser, web worker and node) and two pedestal targets which is great for code sharing. The downside is now figwheel recompiles all three targets for any change also to .clj files that don’t affect its targets.


ah, found which sort of answers it. I think it would still make sense for us, so if anyone has attempted it, thanks for letting me know.


Does anybody know if figwheel has a watcher in which one can say: "watch this directory and whenever a file in it changes execute this function with it"?


figwheel uses hawk under the hood to watch directories


I've been away from the Clojure ecosystem for a while. Is figwheel still Lein only?