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One suggestion for beginners, Mr. Michael Sperber provided this resource at ClojureD 2018 as one of the best for beginners, it’s also available for free -


I've seen here and there people mentioning SICP classes. I've just started reading the book so I wondered: should I use some other material alongside the book in order to digest it better, like some class that is available online or tutorial? Any other tips?


@anantpaatra I’d suggest that if you’re gonna work through SICP in Clojure you keep some Clojure material close to hand. I think there’s an attempt to “port” SICP’s exercises to Clojure, but the book itself uses mutability in ways which are idiomatic Scheme and poor Clojure. The book itself is a really great text on computing tho and it was definitely one of the highlights of my education.


I advise following SICP in racket rather than clojure


Yeah, I guess it will be better if I follow it using Guile or something. I want to read it to get deeper into computing, not necessarily because of Clojure.


Oh, OK. I intend to go on a really slow pace so not to get too confused. Racket seems nice.


I’m not a big fan of idealization. Started SICP but never finished. I’d advise a bit more pragmatic approach.


Sorry, I don't understand what you mean by idealization. Can you explain a bit more? I want to be as pragmatic as possible about this book.


In this case - idealization of SICP.


Regarding a bit more pragmatic approach here’s my suggestion: if you’re beginner then start with How to Design Programs (2nd edition) > Programming Clojure 3rd Edition > Clojure Applied: From Practice to Practitioner


I'd say Living Clojure is more approachable for beginners than Programming Clojure so maybe tackle that first (after HtDP2) /cc @anantpaatra


I'll meditate on that. Thank you a lot for the tip. I really need to work on my general computing knowledge and I hear so much about SICP that I thought it would be a logical next step.


You’re most welcome. I’ve just shared my experience with SICP.


As someone with a background in design and front-end who really likes the design-first approach, the preface of HTDP seems to talk my language. But I confess I also loved the foreword and prefaces of SICP. I'll slowly consider both "approaches" over the coming days before I decide which path to take.


Sure, try both see which one works for you. work hard and do it consistently.